Women's ONE-Hundred info

Fri, 09/27/2019 - 23:46 -- Anna

Wednesday September 19, 2019, a group of like-minded gathered at Meadows on Lind and enjoyed a wonderful lunch catered by La Barista.  These supportive women learned that their 2019 contribution will afford upgrades to LCRC’s surveillance and audio recording system for ongoing safety and security to staff, shelter residents, men, women, and children on the property. 

We are continually amazed and heartened by the generous support from this community.  The W-100 women exemplify that support by coming together for a cause.  As a supporter indicated upon her donation, “I love seeing what a group of women can accomplish by coming together in support of a project!” 

The day was beautiful, albeit some howling wind, which contributed to audio challenges—that and a missing microphone.  Nonetheless, nothing could take away from the fact that we are so honored by the support [over the past four years] of W-100!!

A sincere thank you from LCRC!