Spotlight on Staff - Kayla Keena

Tue, 06/20/2017 - 16:13 -- Anna


Each quarter we will highlight an LCRC Staff Member. This quarter, get to know Kayla Keena.

What is your title at LCRC? Director of Positive Connections, our parenting time center.

What does that entail? I manage the clients and their files, answer calls, complete visitation schedules and invoices, and oversee seven facilitators.
How long have you been with LCRC? Six years. I’ve worked between shelter, visitation, admin, and parent coaching. Fall 2015 I took my current position.
What is the most rewarding part of your job? Making a difference - whether it’s teaching a parent something new, or if we’ve helped a child feel safe. “Thank you” goes a long way for us. Occasionally we’ll get a nice card/note from a family and we cherish it, knowing we helped!
What is the most challenging part of your job? Monthly schedules! It’s a giant puzzle fitting 60+ families in when you have to consider the availability and requests of everyone involved. The challenge with clients is trauma; we can all see and feel the sadness and just want to be able to help everyone.
What is your background? Detroit Lakes High School graduate and then University of MN, Morris graduate with a Human Services degree.
What is your dream vacation? Alaska is on my bucket list.
What is your favorite food? I’m going to be a true Minnesotan and say hotdish! My favorites are my mom’s tator tot hotdish and my grandma’s goulash.
Who is the most influential person(s) in your life? My parents. My mom is my best friend; she always provides unconditional love and support! I don’t mind one bit that I’m exactly like her. My dad has consistently been a dependable male figure in my life with sound advice. He taught me to work for what I want, to be independent and resilient, and know my worth. I am beyond grateful for how well-rounded I’ve been raised.
What brought you to LCRC? I learned about LCRC in high school during “exploratory day” and was interested in social work so in college I interned here. I viewed the work as life-saving and was determined to get involved. The new facility was built and they were hiring when I was fresh out of college so I was lucky to snag a position!
What is your favorite movie? Free Willy
Do you have a favorite childhood memory? Trips to the cabin where I learned to hunt, fish, and drive ATVs. I was constantly surrounded by family and friends. The best stories are from that cabin and we all tell them on repeat!