Recent LCRC Events

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 21:10 -- Anna

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Event

LCRC is a member of the recently formed Becker County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), which also includes representatives from the County Attorney’s office, local law enforcement, Essentia Health, and other local social services agencies. The goal of SART is to “ensure the integrity and quality of the criminal justice process while meeting the needs of the victims and holding offenders accountable.”


The SART sponsored its first event, the public viewing of the award-winning documentary film, "Roll Red Roll" in April ( Viscerally affected by the film, attendees were engaged in thoughtful discussions surrounding sexual assault during these social-media driven times.

The conversation is ongoing and necessary. This important movie is not accessible online through the common platforms, i.e. Netflix or Hulu, but LCRC and BC SART are eager to host viewing(s) for your group or organization. Contact Anna at 218-847-7446 or

6th Grade Charity Day


LCRC was part of DL School’s 6th Grade Charity Day. Through 20-minute presentations throughout the day, we were able to impart an understanding of the young people we serve by having the students think about their own world, i.e. what gives them comfort, helps them feel safe, helps them learn in school. Rachel M. and Stephanie Baker “taught” the kids that by understanding others, we can be of better help to those in need.

LCRC’s 29th Annual Banquet & Auction

Our major fundraiser of the year was held in March. As always, the night was an astounding success with over 225 LCRC supporters attending. The night was filled with exciting games, a suspenseful silent auction, and rousing live auction, culminating into a fun time for all in attendance. We raised over $60,000! This speaks to the remarkable generosity of this community! The support shown at this event [and throughout the year] allows us to help people of all ages who are victims of crime, sexual assault, or domestic violence, along with continuing programs and services that nurture parents, children, and family members.

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