Recent Events at LCRC

Sun, 11/03/2019 - 23:17 -- Anna

Women’s ONE-Hundred 

2019 W100The supportive women of W-100 2019 contributed to upgrading LCRC’s surveillance and audio recording system for ongoing safety and security to staff, shelter residents, men, women, and children on the property. 

We are continually amazed and heartened by the generous support from this community. The W-100 women exemplify that support by coming together for a cause. As a supporter indicated upon her donation, “I love seeing what a group of women can accomplish by coming together in support of a project!” 

Club W-100 has been initiated, borne out of Women’s ONE-Hundred. It is simply an opportunity for Women of ONE-Hundred to gather—to share thoughts, perspectives, and insights; along with hearing from guest speakers. We will continually add information on our Facebook page about upcoming gatherings. 

Domestic Violence Awareness 

End Domestic ViolenceThe signed proclamation that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month states that survivors are believed and supported in their search for justice in order to empower others to come forward; DV programs across the state provide support and resources to over 55,000 victims and survivors to ensure their safety; and Community collaboration ensures the safety of victims and survivors in Minnesota. 

DV awareness must continue. We are forever grateful to our community of supporters, without whom we would not be able to help the men, women, and children falling victim to domestic violence. 


LCRC Open House 

Open House All StaffIt had been nine years since we held our facility open to the community. The staff welcomed, informed, and showed the many attendees on August 8th just how we get men, women, and children to safer places and healthier relationships in their lives. A common response was, “I did NOT know all this was accomplished here!” 

In 2020, we are going to have three (3) Open House Events: The first Thursday in February (6th), June (4th), and September (3rd) from 4-6 pm. We want to provide opportunities to understand our facility, and the programs and services we provide.