Positive Connections

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Positive Connections

LCRC provides time and space to cultivate positive parent-child relationships in a family-friendly environment, through Positive Connections Parenting Time Center. We offer a casual, home-like setting for families to interact with each other, providing activities, crafts and toys for all ages. Our goal is to help families have the opportunity to strengthen the very important bond that they have; allowing all to nurture and care for each other.


To provide a positive, healthy and neutral environment where children and their parents can be assured that the supervised parenting time or exchange will be conflict free.

Positive Connections helps prevent children from being “caught in the middle,” while strengthening the relationship between children and each parent.

For information, contact Kayla at 218-847-7343 or kaylak@lakescrisis.com.

Kayla Keena, Positive Connections Director


Kayla Keena attended the University of Minnesota, Morris where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Services. In her senior year she completed an internship with LCRC, learning about advocacy and supervised visitation services, as well as how to best serve clients who have experienced crises and trauma. After graduation, she began employment with LCRC as a shelter advocate and a visitation facilitator. As an evening shelter advocate she assisted residents with every day needs and completed data entry. As a visitation facilitator she supervised parents with their children that have been removed from the home while transcribing the interactions taking place; making sure time together is physically and emotionally safe. In 2013 she moved to Parent Coaching with Positive Connections (PC), and eventually into the Program Director position in 2015. As PC Director Kayla is responsible for working closely with social workers, parents/foster parents, completing visitation schedules, managing 5-8 staff, and submitting monthly invoices. Kayla chose this line of work because she believes every child is resilient, deserves peace and a chance to thrive, and that programs like PC can provide a healing environment for families.

Outside of work Kayla enjoys playing clarinet in community band, spending time with family, watching TV dramas, hunting, and fishing.