LCRC's COVID-19 Response

Tue, 03/17/2020 - 20:43 -- Anna

COVID-19 Response

The services of Lakes Crisis & Resource Center are designated as "essential services" by the state of Minnesota and our funders expect services to remain open and available to people in need.  In response to the dynamic coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, LCRC is balancing the needs of our clients and community with the safety of our staff.

LCRC offices remain open.  However, we have implemented the following protocols:

  • Upon entering our building, all clients are required to wash hands prior to meeting with an advocate
  • Advocates will be providing services over the phone as much as possible.  We can be reached at 218-847-7446
  • Support group services have been cancelled
  • We have temporarily suspended the acceptance of used donations
  • Our crisis line services, emergency shelter and parenting time services are unchanged
  • The court system has limited services and as a result, advocates will be attending court with clients as needed

To further ensure the safety and health of our clients and staff, Lakes Crisis & Resource Center will follow the recommended guidelines that encourage good hygiene practices of hand washing and/or hand sanitizing, disinfection of surfaces and the allowance of 6 feet of space between clients and themselves.