A "Kinship" Relationship

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 21:56 -- Anna

A “Kinship” Relationship

Every kid is just one caring adult away from being a success story.

Ponder that statement for a moment…

A mentor is a person who is influential in another’s life—a guide, friend, listener, coach, role model, a responsible adult. But it is the mentoring relationship that can make a life-long impact on a young person’s life. The relationships within the Kinship program at LCRC become vital in the participants’ lives—on both sides. Through volunteers’ attention, Kinship children’s self-confidence grows, and in turn, mentors find themselves gaining more than they give.

Spending time with a Kinship youth can involve fishing, skiing, seeing a movie, playing pick-up games at the local community center, washing a car, bicycling, crafting, baking cookies, visiting the public library, working on a puzzle, or simply taking a walk. But it isn’t the activities themselves that are the focus as much as the shared time, and the relationships that are built.

When listening to and standing by a young person through joys and frustrations, a Kinship mentor helps a child discover and develop his or her strengths. By being a reliable and dependable friend, offering emotional support without judgement, a Kinship mentor establishes trust and friendship. A Kinship mentor tells relevant experiences from his or her own life, which opens a sharing relationship, the kind of relationship we all need and desire for our own well-being.

Think about the important relationships in your life. The most meaningful are the positive relationships where you can be you, sharing the high points and hard times in your life, and grow within those relationships. Plus, nothing is more important than knowing someone has your back, right? Every [young] person should be able to have someone in their corner. A mentor can be that someone!

LCRC offers a way to add a fulfilling dimension to all participants’ lives through its Kinship program. If you are interested call Stephanie at 218-847-8572 or email her at stephanieb@lakescrisis.com.

All it takes is your presence and your interest to be that one caring adult in helping a kid become a success story.

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