COVID-19 + LCRC = Gratitude

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 18:59 -- Anna



We have met each new day, during these times of uncertainly and adaptation, with utmost gratitude. Gratitude for the immediate caring support of those within this community and beyond. As the world around us changed in March, we also had to quickly pivot to meet the needs of our clients. Two unanticipated situations occurred. First, our shelter residents [at the time] were unable to leave for school and recreation during the “Stay at Home” executive order. This brought a never-before rise in costs for utilities, food, repairs, and cleaning. The second was a delayed need for advocacy services. While the mandated sheltering in place led to a reported increase in domestic violence and sexual abuse, many individuals did not have the option to leave their abusive environment. Because of the proximity of their offender and his/her watchful eye, they could not easily call or communicate their situation [to LCRC], nor take steps to leave it. As restrictions were lifted, requests for services heightened; not just in staff time and resources, but tangible items such as bus tokens, cell phones, food, clothing, and baby items.

The other pivot we had to make was adjusting to not having our largest, very successful fundraiser in the spring. Last year we raised over $60,000! But so many of you generously contributed despite the cancelled fundraiser, enabling us to continue fostering safety, hope and healing through advocacy, intervention and education. Thank you so very much for your support!