Circle of Angels is a way to make an investment with positive returns…

Fri, 03/13/2020 - 15:34 -- Anna

Circle of Angels When you make an investment, you are looking towards the future. That is, you are hoping that the investment you’re making now will have a greater, positive return down the road.

LCRC’s staff not only helps victims of trauma and violence in immediate need, but they also are committed to dedicating time, energy, and resources toward building the ability [for individuals] to have healthier relationships in the future.

This is done at LCRC by focusing on the children. Two programs that invest in kids with long-lasting impact are area Youth Support Groups and Kinship. Groups help kids cope [with their hard lives] and not feel so alone; and Kinship exposes children to positive role models and what a healthy relationship with an adult feels like. Our belief is that once kids get a touch of goodness, caring, and sharing, we stand a chance that these kids will want that in their adult life. We believe in the future value of these programs and are steadfastly committed to their vitality.

Both programs are solely reliant on donations. Our Circle of Angels program is an easy way of providing a consistent monthly gift. This dependable form of financial benevolence affords us the ability to maintain and grow Kinship and Groups. If you are interested in converting your current giving to a consistent monthly payment or would like to begin supporting these services at LCRC with a manageable amount, please call DelRae at 218-847-8572 or email her at